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Souq Pack is packaging company within Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council markets. Being just more than a powerful supplier for packing and wrapping over the course of 17 years for many global brands in the Middle East region, it is concerned with the confidence of its customers by relying on a large selection of the best marketers.

Souq Pack is experiencing continued growth and prosperity, thanks to the trailblazing spirit of its marketers. From its inception to the present, its roots have spread rapidly and grown considerably in Europe, the United States of America, Australia, Russia, and the Middle East. Since then, the company has emerged as one of the best in packaging and wrapping.

In the Middle East and around the world, the company has enjoyed considerable support from its clients since it began moving into the digital world by launching Souq Pack the E-Commerce Market, where you will find all of your needs from packaging and wrapping products available in any quantity appropriate to you and appropriate to all of your projects of any size.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business dreams and goals and to provide them with the professional assistance necessary to do so. We ensure that our services and capacities are diverse, adaptable, and excellent to ensure that market requirements are always met.

Our pride lies in

  • We have a high capacity to solve customer problems and deal with them effectively.
  • We have a professional network that relies on the best experts and specialists in packaging and wrapping.
  • We love what we do, and we master it.
  • We have a permanent desire to accomplish and get the highest evaluation from the client.
  • Evolution is our motto.

That is to provide more services, reach more countries around the world, achieving maximize customer satisfaction and always maintain our excellence in the field of packaging and wrapping.

Souq Pack products:

Bags that are divided into

  1. Non- Woven Bags
  2. Plastic Bags
  3. Cartons Bags
  4. Mixed Bags
  5. Coffee Bag
  6. Jewelry Bag
  7. Laundry Bag
  8. Dress Bag
  9. Paper Bags

Plastic Products are divided into

  1. Salad Container
  2. Rectangle Container
  3. Muffin Container
  4. Square Container
  5. Hot Dog Containers
  6. Cake Containers
  7. Sauce Containers
  8. General Purpose Tub
  9. Tray
  10. Dish
  11. Cutlery
  12. Straw

Carton Products are divided into

  1. Carton Box
  2. Paper Box
  3. Pizza Box
  4. Burger Containers
  5. Paper Bakery Moulds
  6. Cake Board
  7. Paper Bowl
  8. Paper Holder

Cups & Bowls are divided into

  1. Paper Cup
  2. Plastic Cups
  3. LID

Napkins are divided into

  1. Napkin
  2. Refreshing Wet Wipes


  1. Paper Wraps
  2. Aluminum Paper

Shipping Service

Best Shipping Service

Exceptional Quality

All our products are of high quality and conform to standards.

Innovative Products

We provide custom innovative products to solve any packaging problem and fit your brand at the same time.
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